Thor Love & Thunder Inspired ARMS DUMBBELL WORKOUT

Single Arm Dumbbell Press | 4 Sets X 12 Reps
Supersetted With
Dumbbell Face Pulls | 4 Sets X 12 Reps

Front to Side Raises | 4 Sets X 12 Reps

Shoulder Extensions | 4 Sets X 12 Reps
Supersetted With
Isometric Holds | 4 Sets X 30 Seconds

Skullcrushers | 4 Sets X 12 Reps
Supersetted With
Hammer Curls | 4 Sets X 12 Reps

Prone Kickbacks | 4 Sets X 12 Reps
Supersetted With
Drag Curls | 4 Sets X 12 Reps

Bi-Shoul-Tri | 4 Sets X 12 Reps

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How to Set Up a Home Gym

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