WORKOUT AT HOME Full Body Routine 21 Best Exercises

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0:00 Sliding Floor Pulldown
0:50 Superman Row
1:24 Inverted Row with Bent Knee between Chairs
2:00 Pike Push-up on Bench
2:30 Shoulder Tap
2:54 Lying Floor Row with Bent Knee
3:29 Alternate Leg Raise with Head up
3:54 Elbow to Knee Sit up
4:23 Bicycle Crunch
4:50 Triceps Press
5:16 X Push Ups
5:39 Push up on Forearms
6:06 Inverted Chin Curl
6:38 Hammer Curl with Towel
7:10 Single Legs Biceps Curl
7:37 Sissy Squat
8:11 Cossack Squats
8:39 Jump Squat
9:00 Dips between Chairs
9:25 Incline Push-Up
10:04 Decline Push-Up

Athlete: ✔️Steve Kris @stevekrisofficial – ✔️Nathan McCallum @nathan

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