What Makes A Great Program

The 4 common traits that any great program will possess are:

✅ An Emphasis on Practicing Your Sport Skills
No matter what sport you compete in, Strength sports (Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Crossfit), Team Sports (Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, etc), Individual Sports (Track & Field, Gymnastics, Tennis, etc) or Combat Sports (Wrestling, MMA, BJJ, etc) there is only one thing in your training that cannot be replaced, your sport practice. Practicing your sport is the ONLY thing you must do as an athlete.

✅ High Level of Transfer of Training
With practicing sports skills being the highest priority in designing an effective program, the next highest priority must be to select exercises and drills with a high degree of transfer to the competitive exercise. This high degree of transfer is also known as dynamic correspondence.

✅ Addressing Your Weakpoints
Weakpoints go beyond just different portions of a lift, or a particular lift/event. An athlete can have deficiency in a physical skill or energy system. Every athlete will fall within a spectrum of abilities required to be successful within their sport, identify your weak point and attack it with purpose.

✅ Consolidation of Stressors
Consolidating stressors is critical to the long term planning of an athlete’s program. As output capabilities improve, recovery becomes more of a premium and your training must be organized in a way that allows for recovery.

💡While there are many ways to become stronger and faster, many different exercises you can use to accomplish these goals and many different periodization schemes to organize your training into; the 4 tenants discussed above will help guide you in designing effective programs for whatever sport or goal you choose.

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