Weight Loss in 2 Weeks (Fat Burning At Home)

If you have just minutes and are looking for a fat burning home workout that will get your heart pumping and have you breaking a sweat in no time, then this is the routine for you. workout, exercise, workout challenge, weight loss workout, weight loss exercise, full body exercise, full body workout, at home workout, at home exercise, at home weight loss, at home weight loss workout, bodyweight workout, bodyweight exercises, lose weight at home, burn fat at home, reduce fat at home, full body exercises, full body workout

0:00 Knee Leg Lifts
0:54 Tip Toe Knees
1:47 Arm Swing Side Step
2:41 Slide Side Bend
3:34 Arms Forward Butt Kick
4:28 Place Jog
5:21 Celebratory Hip Thrust
6:15 Abdominal vacuum
7:08 45 Degree Step Out
8:03 Twist and Turn Punch
8:56 Skater Hops
9:51 Quick Feet
10:42 Cross Jacks
11:36 Windmill

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