Weak Point Fixes for the Squat #shorts

Struggling to improve your squat? Here are some simple strategies to address specific weak points…

Rounding Over
-Due to lack of tension/strength in the upper back
-Fix your setup first
-If it’s still a problem, use SSB Squats to compliment your training

Out of the Hole
-Can be due to descending too slowly
-Tempo Squats w/ 3-6 seconds eccentric can build strength, control & confidence
-Pause Squats will help build strength in this position

Weak Back
-Losing back angle and have a strong squat relative to their deadlift
-Shift more volume to Deadlift and Deadlift Variations
-Focus on actively pushing upper back into the bar as your come out of the hole

Weak Legs
-Hips rising early and trying to ‘good morning’ the Squat
-Train the legs in absence of loading the back
-Belt Squats are the best option, Split Squats can also be useful
-Focus on keeping your knees forward as you come out of the hole

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