Upper Body Workout 12 Effective Exercise

Upper Body Workout 12 Effective Exercise
0:00 start
0:10 cable squatting curl 3×10-12
0:38 ez-barbell reverse grip curl 3×10-12
1:06 barbell prone incline curl 3×12
1:34 dumbbell biceps curl with arm blaster 3×12
1:59 bicycle/criss cross 3×20
2:23 leg kicks 3×10-12
2:43 plank rotations 3×10-12
3:08 lying leg raise 3×12
3:31 v-sits 3×12
3:59 cable one arm curl 3×12
4:24 russian twist 3×20
4:52 underhand db curls 3×12
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