Try These Push ups

Push-ups work your arms (triceps and forearms), your chest, lower back, abs, quads and calves. They work the intercostal muscles covering your ribs and if you do enough of them and breathe in and out explosively as you do them they even work your lungs which means they become an aerobic exercise that also works your cardiovascular and aerobic systems.

00:00 Rotational Push-up to Knee Tap
00:44 Archer Push-up
1:23 Explosive Push-up
2:04 Wide Push-up
2:45 Reverse Push-up
3:25 Push-up Chest Tap
4:06 Single Arm Push-up
4:47 Push-up (BOSU Balance)
5:27 Incline Push-up
6:07 Hands Elevated Push-Ups off books

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