Transform Your ABS

Strong abs help you sit, stand, run, kick and jump better. They make you resistant to fatigue and allow you to transfer mechanical momentum from the upper body to the lower and vice versa. this a workout that focuses on your abs. ab workout gym, ab workout men, ab workout at home, lower ab workout, ab workout with weights, ab workout for women, best ab exercises, intense ab workout.

0:00 Crunch
0:30 High Crunches
1:00 Sit-up
1:30 Arms straight Crunch
2:00 Knee Touch
2:30 Reverse Crunch
3:00 Criss Cross Leg Raises
3:30 Leg Raise
4:00 Pulse Ups
4:31 Alternate Leg Raise
5:00 Front Plank
5:31 Star Plank
6:02 V-up
6:32 Dynamic Plank
7:02 Plank to Toe Tap

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