TOWEL EXERCISES (No Equipment Workout)

No weights required here. Try this 5-minute full body towel workout in order to strengthen your arms, back, abs, legs and more. list of exercises without equipment. no equipment workout plan. 7 different types of exercises at-home. how to build muscle at home without equipment for beginners. workout at home without equipment for beginners. list of full-body exercises. bodyweight exercises. home workouts without equipment to build muscle.

0:00 Plank Jack Slide with Towel
0:41 Sliding Pulldown
1:39 Hyperextension with Towel
2:19 Superman Row with Towel
3:21 Sliding Leg Curl
4:01 Double Legs Hammer Curl
4:41 Seated Row with Towel

What exercises can I do without equipment. Can I build muscle without equipment. What are 3 daily exercises for full body workout without equipment. What are the only 5 exercises you need.

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