Toned Legs Workout (Exercise Without Equipment)

leg workouts tone your thighs, calves, and glutes. The primary exercises that will help you achieve this are lunges and squats. The only 14 leg exercises women and men need to get toned legs. leg toning exercises for females, how to tone legs in a week, how to tone thighs in 2 weeks, leg exercises at home, how to get defined legs female, exercises for flabby inner thighs, toned legs before and after, most effective thigh exercises, glutes and hamstrings

0:00 Side Leg Raises
0:46 Calf raises
1:26 Side Squats
2:01 Twist Squat
2:31 Knee Raise Stretching
3:17 Ankles Side to Side Stretch
3:57 Lunge with Leg Lift
5:07 Reverse Lunge (leg kick)
6:08 Knee Circles
6:53 Hip Circles
7:33 Side Lunge
8:08 Curtsy lunge
8:38 Reverse lunge
9:09 Jump Squat

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