The Ultimate Home Gym Rack? – Prime Prodigy Rack Review

➡ Prodigy Rack:

The Prime Prodigy Rack is a squat rack that combines the functionality of a functional trainer and lat pulldown to create an all in one barbell/cable-based rack in as little square footage as possible. The Prime Prodigy series of racks actually come in four different variations.

A half rack, full rack, plate-loaded version known as the Prodigy HLP Plate Loaded (the version we’re reviewing), and a selectorized version known as the Prodigy HLP Selectorized. Each rack features 3″x3″ 11-gauge uprights combined with 5/8″ hardware and 1″ holes for accessories, the Prime Prodigy Rack is strong enough to handle just about any weight you plan to lift.

Although every rack version looks stout, it’s the Prodigy HLP Selectorized and HLP Plate Loaded versions that we’re most interested in due to them standing out from the sea of power racks available today. The idea behind the HLP racks is that they’re designed to be able to replace three large, heavy, and expensive pieces of equipment—the squat rack, lat pulldown, and functional trainer.

Each of these pieces are known for being expensive and taking up a large amount of space. For the home gym owner, having a rack that packs a lot of functionality into one unit, is ideal, not just for saving money but also for saving space. The Prodigy Racks can also be used in a commercial setting, although we think gyms outside of those that do a lot of personal training would be a bit limited with the rack as only one person can work on it at a time.


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