If you want to lose love handles then you better start doing an obliques workout so you can be sure they look good when you drop the excess body fat. In this video, I’m going to show you the perfect obliques workout that you can do at home with no equipment at all. That said, since we know that body fat accumulation over this area can lead to the dreaded love handles, I’m going to point you to some nutritional guidance as well that will help you to lose weight and show off those obliques as you develop them.

In terms of the workout, it helps to first understand a bit of the anatomy of the oblique muscles in order to get the most out of your training and to lose love handles fast.

The obliques are composed of both internal obliques and external obliques. As implied, the internal run deeper than the external and are actually not visible to the naked eye from the outside. The direction of the fibers run perpendicular to each other with the external obliques running down and in and the internal obliques running up and in.

To really have a complete obliques workout you need to make sure that you train both of these muscles and that you hit all of the functions of these muscles in one concise training plan. The roles of the oblique muscles are not just to make your love handles look better when covered by less fat but to do many different actions. These include, rotation both from the top down and the bottom up. Side flexion from the top down and the bottom up, and prevention of both rotation and side bending.

To structure this perfect obliques workout we ask that you attempt to do each of the movements for up to 45 seconds if able. Take a 15 second rest at the end of each exercise. If you can only do any of the oblique exercises for less than 45 seconds, simply rest pause your way until the time has elapsed.

The specific exercises in the workout are as follows:

Bottom Up Rotation – Archer Tucks x 45 seconds / 15 second rest
Top Down Rotation – Russian Twists x 45 seconds / 15 second rest
Bottom Up Lateral Flexion – Side Plank Bridge Twists x 45 seconds each side / 15 second rest
Top Down lateral flexion right – Side Cycle Crunch (Band Elbow Thrusts Option) x 45 seconds
Anti-lateral Flexion – Side Plank Walk Throughs x 45 seconds each side / 15 seconds rest
Anti-Rotation – Wall Locks (Oak Tree Step Outs Option) x 45 seconds each side / 15 seconds rest

The key to any oblique workout is getting good quality contractions.

You never want to rush your way through any of the oblique exercises that you are doing. It’s not the number of reps that you are doing in any of these workouts but the intensity of the contraction and how well you are feeling the muscle working. This means, that even if you have to go slower in order to really feel a squeeze in the right or left sides, do it.

This can be done in addition to whatever ab workout you may be doing at the moment. Just remember to remove whatever exercises for obliques you may be doing in that workout since you won’t need to double up. The amount of volume here is appropriate to get those obliques of yours looking way better and to get rid of the love handles once and for all.

Regarding the loss of the love handles or the fat that lays over the top of these muscles? Be sure to visit the link mentioned in the video. It is critical that you get your body fat levels down to around 10-12% if you want to see your best oblique muscle definition. This can only be accomplished by following a sensible meal plan that helps you to get into a hypo caloric state where burning off excess fat is achievable.

If you are looking for a complete step by step nutrition plan to go along with this perfect obliques workout, be sure to visit via the link below. See how easy it is to lose fat and build muscle at the same time by training like an athlete with our day by day meal plans and workouts.

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