The Best Stretch Exercises At Home

Lotus position or Padmasana is a cross-legged sitting meditation pose from ancient India, in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh. It is an ancient asana in yoga, predating hatha yoga, and is widely used for meditation in Hindu, Tantra, Jain, and Buddhist traditions. Inhale to lengthen your spine. Exhale and stay upright. Let’s go!

0:00 T-Pose
0:41 Sitting Cat Cow Pose
1:22 Sitting Lotus Side Stretch
2:02 Lotus Pose Twisting Front Back Tap
2:43 Candle Rotating
3:23 Lotus Pose Hip Horizontal Rotation
4:04 Butterfly Pose Forward
4:45 Seated Retraction
5:25 Lotus position arms behind back
6:06 Side Stretch
6:47 Arms behind back
7:27 Seated Rotation Stretch

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