The Best Morning Stretching Exercises For Beginners

A safe and effective stretching program. These 16 simple stretching exercises for beginners can improve range of motion and flexibility. You can do many of them in bed.

00:00 Inner Thighs Pulses
00:42 Frog Hip Thrust
1:24 Pelvic Tilt
2:04 Abdominal Stretch
2:44 Lying Side Twist
3:25 Bent Knee Lying Twist
4:06 Dead Bug
4:46 Glute Stretch
5:33 90-90 Hip Twist
6:14 Seated Wide Side Adduction
6:54 Butterfly
7:34 Sitting Lotus Pose Side Stretch
8:15 Cat Stretch
8:55 Puppy Pose
9:35 Stomach Vacuum
10:16 Bird-Dog

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