The Best Exercises for Hanging Belly Fat

If you experience apron belly (excess abdominal fat or skin) that hangs down and feels uncomfortable, it can drastically reduce your self-esteem and overall … The best way to lose fat from the lower belly area is by reducing overall body fat by creating a calorie deficit. To get rid of that stubborn and pointless stomach fat, I created a special workout routine you can do at home everyday that will work your core muscles.

0:00 Flutter Kicks
0:43 Alternate Leg Raise
1:25 Rest 30sec
1:33 Lying Scissors Cross
2:14 Elevated Cycling
2:54 Rest 30sec
3:03 Bottoms Up
3:43 March
4:26 Rest 30sec
4:33 Lying Leg Hip Raise
5:14 Lying Leg Hip Raise on Floor 2
5:57 Rest 30sec
6:03 Criss Cross Leg Raises
6:45 Air Bicycle

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