The BEST Bodyweight Legs and Abs HIIT Workout!

It’s bodyweight workout but be ready for the FIRE! Don’t underestimate how much we’re going to get out this intense lower body workout that also targets your abs! Grab a mat and your water bottle and let’s get moving together! Take this workout with you when you travel and make it your own by adding dumbbells if you’d like!

In this workout we will group two exercises together and complete 3 rounds of each of them before moving on to a new superset. You will have 15 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between circuits. Feel free to stay moving in your rest period but catch your breath well enough to be able to increase the intensity again when we start our next circuit!

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The Exercises:
1. Side to side squat hops
2. Jackknives
3. Lunge Kick and hop switch
4. Seated Twists
5. Side plank lift up right
6. side plank lift up left
7. criss cross squat pops x2 and 3 pulses
8. Straight leg scissors
9. Deficit Split Squats Right
10. Deficit Split Squats left
11. V-Crunch
12. Leg lowers spell STRONG
13. Bulgarian Split Squats Right
14. Bulgarian Split Squats Left

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Warm Up
3:35 – Squat Hops & Jackknives
8:51 – Lunge Kick and Switch & Seated Twists
14:05 – Side Plank leg Lifts
19:20 – Criss Cross Squats & Straight Leg Scissors
24:35 – Deficit Split Squats
29:50 – Strong Abs Circuit
35:05 – Bulgarian Split Squats
39:22 – Cool Down and Motivation

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