Strong and Sculpted Arms and Abs Bootcamp Workout | PRIME – Day 2

Are you ready to get lean arms and strong abs? Let’s challenge your body with PRIME’s 40-minute Upper Body and Abs session today! This routine is designed to target your chest, triceps, shoulders, and abs ensuring a well-rounded bootcamp. Keep an eye on our Up Next window for smooth transitions and make the most of your rest periods.

Today, we’re diving into the power of supersets in this bootcamp workout! Each exercise will be completed for three rounds of 45 seconds, with a goal of achieving 8-12 reps per set and supersetting it with another exercise. In the first half of our workout the supersets will consist of one upper body exercise and one ab exercise, in the second half of the workout the supersets will be a combination of the same muscle group. Push yourself to the limit and embrace the challenges no matter what your fitness level. Listen to your body and work hard!

Our workout includes a personalized Warm-Up and Cool-Down to optimize your session. Grab your dumbbells and your bench and let’s crush this one together.


1. Shoulder Press
2. Leg Raises
3. Chest Press
4. Seated Twists
5. Tricep Oh Extensions
6. Db Sit Ups
7. Lateral Raises 
8. Rear Delt Fly
9. Chest Fly 
10. Tricep Kickback
11. Toe Touches 
12. Cross crunches

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Warm Up
02:29 Shoulder Press & Leg Raises
08:44 Chest Press & Seated Twists
14:59 Tricep Extensions and Sit Ups
21:15 Lateral Raises & Rear Delt Fly
27:30 Chest Fly & Tricep Kickbacks
33:46 Toe Touches & Cross Sit Ups
39:32 Cool Down & Motivation