Stretching for Running (Warm-Ups Cool-Downs)

I have a series of dynamic movements I do before pretty much every run. Takes about 7 minutes or less. It helps avoid strains and reduces my overall stiffness and soreness, especially when running on consecutive days. Leg warm up exercises, leg warm up at home. Leg day warm up dynamic, leg warm up before squats. Leg day mobility warm-up, leg stretches, lower body warm up. Leg stretches after workout.

00:00 Single Leg High Knee to Butt Kick
00:49 Forward Leg Swings
1:34 Walking
2:19 Sprinter Lunge
2:55 Leg Cross Punch
3:31 Heel Touch Side Kick
4:06 Pulse Lunge with Hands Overhead
4:45 Side Shuffle High Knees
5:19 Standing Quadriceps Stretch
6:06 Single Leg Curl
6:51 High Lunge

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