Start Your Day With These Morning Exercises

12 Morning Exercises You Should Do as Soon as You Get Out of Bed. These Morning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere. 10 minute morning yoga routine, 12 yoga poses to do in the morning, morning yoga routine for beginners, daily yoga routine for beginners, daily yoga poses, yoga stretches for beginners.

0:00 Lotus Pose
0:51 Behind back arms raise
1:42 Lotus Pose Front Back Tap
2:33 Butterfly Pose
3:23 Rotation stretch
4:14 Seated retraction
5:04 Calf Stretch
5:55 Feet Rotation
6:45 Forward bend
7:35 Shoulder Flexors with Dips
8:26 Wrist extensor
9:17 Wrist flexor

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