Start Workout At Home with These Exercises Day 3

If, like many people out there, you’re taking your workouts indoors at the moment, you’ll probably be looking for some inspiration. Here, we’ve got a 7 day home workout plan. You can do these bodyweight moves anywhere, so no excuses!

0:00 Kneeling Push-Up (3×10-12 rest 1min)
0:48 Mountain Climber (3×15-20 rest 1min)
1:33 Seated Twist (3×20 rest 1min)
2:18 Front Plank (3×40-60 sec rest 1min)
3:03 Side Lunge ver.2 (3×15-20 rest 1min)
3:48 Hold Tip-Toe (3×15-20 rest 1min)
4:33 Seated Bicycle Crunches (3×15-20 rest 1min)
5:18 Decline Push-Up (3×10-12 rest 1-min)
6:04 Hip Bridge (3×15-20 rest 1min)
6:49 Toe-Tap (3×15-20 rest 1min)

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