Standing Stretches to do At Home

Daily Morning Stretch exercises. Relaxing standing stretching routine for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation. The below standing stretching exercises for beginners amazing for opening up your chest, back, shoulders, and hips. You can do them on your…

0:00 Side Wrist Pull Stretch
0:38 Rear Deltoid Stretch
1:13 Dynamic Chest Stretch
1:49 Elbows Back Stretch
2:26 Reach Up Back Rotation Stretch
3:00 Standing Hip Circle
3:36 Standing Back Rotation
4:11 Standing pelvic tilt
4:46 Standing reverse flys
5:22 Slopes Towards
5:57 Hamstring Stretch
6:32 Standing calf raises floor
7:09 Front Toe Touching
7:49 Knee Raise Stretching

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