Standing Morning Exercises

Join me for a feel good workout you can do in 10 minutes. This full body workout is made up of all standing exercises that make you feel better. This morning workout is designed for those seeking a quick and accessible fitness routine, this is perfect to kickstart your day with energy.

00:00 Step in Place
00:44 Standing Calf Raises
1:24 Hip Circles
2:04 Elbows Back Stretch
2:45 Wrist Circles
3:26 Chest Stretch
4:06 Standing Fly
4:47 Arm Crossover
5:27 Side Slide
6:08 Standing Circle
6:48 Standing Behind Sky Reach
7:29 Dynamic Back Stretch
8:10 Overhead Clap
8:51 Shoulder Shrug
9:31 Neck Up-Down left-right

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