Standing Exercises For Waist (Do it Everyday for a Smaller Waist)

To start, make sure that you are eating a proper diet. A diet that is full of healthy fats will get you a smaller waist compared to a diet full of trans fats. belly fat workout, exercises to lose weight, flat stomach workout, how to reduce belly fat, workouts to lose belly fat, flat belly fat burner, exercises for a flat stomach, exercises for flat stomach, how to lose belly fat, lower ab workout, bed workout for flat stomach, exercise to lose belly fat at home, how to get rid of belly fat, flat belly workout, exercises to lose belly fat, flat belly workout for women at home

0:00 Standing Side Bend
0:41 Side Bend (bent arm)
1:22 Side Crunch Elbow
2:01 Windmill
2:42 Side Crunch
3:21 Arm Rotation Knee Lift
4:01 Knee Thrust
4:42 Twist & Turn Punch
5:22 Diagonal Punch
6:02 Side Jump Twist

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