stability ball abs workout

Time for an ab workout with the good ol’ stability ball! It is such a handy, inexpensive piece of equipment that can really increase the intensity of your workouts! By adding instability to certain ab exercises it forces you to activate your core and other stabilizer muscles that often don’t get used. I love using it in ab workouts for a serious burn. Grab your ball and follow along!

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Workout Breakdown:
3 Stability ball Ab Circuits 40s work + 10s rest x2 rounds each
Cool Down & Stretch

Equipment Needed: stability ball + exercise mat or other soft surface. The Mat I use:

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This is my own personal workout and may not be suited for you. It is strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By engaging in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.


Thanks for watching!

❤ Heather

Kettler Verso CT 307

Kettler Verso CT 307 elliptical machine equipments are created as well as engineered in Germany. Simply like the German autos, you can be assured that their elliptical equipments are developed to last BUT at inexpensive costs for residence fitness centers.

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Whole Body Resonance (WBV) innovation has actually ended up being popular in the United States in the last few years, but until now it has just been used by health clubs, fitness instructors, as well as individuals in the physical fitness world. Soon that will certainly alter. The favorable wellness and also wellness effects of WBV training are being detected by leading pioneers in the chiropractic occupation. Once a chiropractic specialist learns more about WBV and also just how to use it, most see it as sound judgment to have it included to the method setting.

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