Slingshot Bench-How, Why & When? #shorts

There are tons of different exercise variations out there being touted as a fix to this weak point or the best exercise to improve such and such. Here is a simple guide to help you understand how to do some of these more important variations, why you would perform them and when they’re best to include in your training.

Slingshot Bench

Technique Points

-Ensure that the Slingshot is high enough on arms for proper fit
-Try to maintain as similar technique to your normal bench press as possible, this may be difficult if you bench with a more wide/flared elbow position

Why To Do It
-To overload your neural force production qualities with heavier weights and build confidence.
-To add extra volume/stress to your triceps if they are relatively weak compared to your chest/shoulders.
-To workaround injuries/pain in the pec, shoulder or elbow that is alleviated by some assistance in certain ranges of motion

When To Do It
-Hypertrophy. The Slingshot can be used in this phase to add extra/volume stress to your triceps and build up extra lockout strength potential.
-Strength. This is a good time to use the slingshot for a bit of Mechanical Overload training, eg. Do a 5rm raw, then add the slingshot and do a 5rm at 5-10% more
-Peaking. This can be used in a similar way as Strength.

Other Notes
-This is a tool that should probably be used every 2-4 weeks during the course of regular training, it is not for every session or every week, outside of injury workarounds
-Aim for a 5-20% overload above your normal weights, the stronger you are, the lower on that range you’ll be. Using a slingshot to bench 50% more than you can without it is not beneficial enough to warrant the fatigue it would create.
-If you feel the Slingshot disrupts your Bench Technique, all of the benefits of it can be derived from Reverse Band Benching, which won’t disrupt your technique in the same way.

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Exercise Equipment – Treadmill

I have actually been training individuals to get healthy for 7 years now. So when it involves any piece of tools to get them there the fastest I have actually always thought the Workout Devices Treadmill is the very best means to go. When it concerns cardio, it does not matter for how long you do cardio yet what you carry out in that time that makes the biggest distinction.

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Today, the fad in exercises is doing extra with much less. That does not imply that all the tricks you see on TV will really offer you “six-pack abdominals” by working out a few minutes a day. However making use of a selection of effective abdominal muscle equipment will certainly offer you the best outcomes.

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