Slim WAIST and Shredded ABS in 14 Days

The four muscle groups that make up the abdominal muscles help connect the power of the lower body to that of the upper body making us more effective and efficient in just about anything. Abs Workout targets just those groups helping make your abs and core stronger. Lose Fat Workout, Lose Fat Exercises, Lose Fat No Equipment, Lose Fat At Home, abs workout program, abs program, workout, exercise, flat stomach, flat tummy, female abs, female six pack.

0:00 Crunch
1:09 Touch & Twist
2:14 Russian Twist
3:21 Criss-cross Crunch
4:27 V-up
5:34 Climber & Jack
6:41 Obliques Crunch with Leg Lifts

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Do these abs exercises for 14 days and look in the mirror. Do not forget about proper nutrition and sleep.

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