Slim Waist and Flat Stomach Exercises

If you’re looking for a legit way to strengthen your ab & waist, try this 9-movement core waist training exercise routine. Be patient with yourself as you. Being consistent with these exercises can help strengthen your core and get you the waist goals you desire.

00:00 Lying Alternating Leg Raise
00:38 Flutter Kicks
1:14 Lying leg cross
1:46 Rest 60sec
1:58 Kneeling Elbow To Knee Side Plank R
2:33 Kneeling Elbow To Knee Side Plank L
3:09 Jack knife Floor
3:44 Bent knee oblique twist
4:19 Rest 60sec
4:30 Russian Twist
5:05 Sitting Side Crunch R
5:41 Sitting Side Crunch L
6:16 Alternate Oblique Crunch R
6:51 Alternate Oblique Crunch L

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