Six Pack ABS (Just 8 Min Day)

Getting abs mostly comes down to lowering your body fat percentage and training your ab and core muscles with exercises that help to make your six-pack pop. Want to lose belly fat and get six pack abs for the summer? Start sculpting your abs with this super effective abs workout. burn belly fat, lilly sabri lower belly fat burn, belly fat burn, foods that burn belly fat, best cardio workout to burn belly fat, exercise to burn belly fat, belly fat burn workout, how to burn side belly fat for men, workout to burn belly fat, burn lower belly fat

0:00 Leg Raise (Head up)
0:36 Lying Leg Raise
1:11 V-up Clap
1:46 Straight Leg Sit-Up
2:30 90 Degree Heel Touch
3:05 V-up Double Crunch
3:40 Leg Crunch (Figure eight)
4:25 Seated Leg Raise
5:00 Russian Twist
5:35 Elbow to Knee Sit-up
6:19 Wipers
6:54 Elevated Cycling
7:30 Bent Over Twist
8:05 Backward AbS Stretch

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