SCOTT CURLS Bicep Exercise Tutorial | Build Big Biceps With One Easy Tweak

Scott Curls Bicep Exercise Tutorial | Build Big Biceps With One Easy Tweak


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The first Mr. Olympian Larry Scott had some of the most developed arms in his day, so in this video we want to cover the Scott Curl. An exercise that he gives credit to giving his mountainous peaks and helping him win his coveted title.

How to:

Set a bench to an incline position, and grasp a pair of dumbbells with both hands.
Place the back of your arms on the incline bench with your elbows close together, and your palms in a supinated position outside your elbows.
Slowly lower your hands downwards (extending in your elbows) until you’re close to full extension.
Feeling the stretch in your biceps, flex in your elbows joints by contracting your biceps to pull the weight upwards to the starting position.

Do not:

DO NOT let the weight pull you forward as you extend your arms, as this will decrease your range of motion and take away the stress placed on your biceps.
DO NOT pull your body back as you curl, leveraging your whole body to try to get the weight to the top position.
DO NOT keep your hands close together as you curl. This exercise is meant to keep your hands wider than your elbows to achieve greater stress on the short head of the biceps.

As you can see, angles are extremely important when trying to activate and target specific points and muscles of the body. This exercise purpose is to put greater stress on the short heads of the biceps, and when you perform this correctly, you’ll easily feel it. Thank you Mr. Scott!

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