Quick Warm Up For at Home Workouts

Self care starts with the ability to move your body in a way that makes you feel alive and makes your body feel good. Quick Warm up is the perfect workout for days when time, the mood or life in general feel like they are against you. Plus, it’s perfect as a real warm-up before you launch into a workout. warm up, apartment friendly warm up, warm up workout, warm up routine, warm up cardio, no jumping warm up, warm up for at home workouts, at home warm up stretches, 5 min warm up for at home workouts.

0:00 Dynamic Stretch
0:40 Front Raises
1:20 shoulder flex
2:01 Knee Tap
2:41 Lateral Flexion
3:22 Stepjack Front Raise
4:02 Spine Flexion
4:43 Punche
5:23 Cross Body Punch
6:03 Punch Squat

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