Pause Squat-How, When & Why?

There are tons of different exercise variations out there being touted as a fix to this weak point or the best exercise to improve such and such. Here is a simple guide to help you understand how to do some of these more important variations, why you would perform them and when they’re best to include in your training.

Pause in the Hole Squat

Technique Points
-Descend with the same speed you would in a normal squat
-Actively hold yourself in the squat, rather than just resting in the end range of motion

Why To Do It:
-Build up starting strength to overcome weakness out of the hole
-Ingrain better positions through extended time under tension

When To Do It:
-Hypertrophy. This is good option because of the longer time under tension but you’ll likely want to use slightly lower reps than you would with an unpaused squat, ie. sets of 8 instead of 10.
-Strength. This is a good time to use it as a primary exercise to address a weak point out of the hole.
-Peaking. Use Pause in the Hole Squats during peaking as a secondary movement to complement your competition squats.

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