My Daily Stretching On The Floor

Stretching in the morning can also improve your mobility. According to the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, active stretching is effective to help increase functional mobility. Working on your mobility in the morning is especially important if you have a desk job or another occupation that requires you to stay seated all day. Is it OK to stretch as soon as you wake up. Why is it so nice to stretch in the morning. What happens in a morning stretch. Should you stretch in the morning before breakfast. 5 minute morning stretch for beginners, 10 minute morning stretch routine. 5 minute morning stretch in bed, 10 minute stretch routine for beginners. 10 minute full body stretch for beginners, 5 minute morning stretch standing. should i stretch in the morning or night.

0:00 Seated Chest Clam
0:36 Kneeling pec Stretch
1:11 Sitting Ankle Stretch
1:46 Seated Calf Stretch
2:21 Back Stretch
2:57 Side Clamps L
3:27 Side Clamps R
3:57 Adductor Stretch
4:32 Hip Extension External Rotation
5:07 Cat Stretch
5:42 Spine Stretch

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