My Birthday Was RUINED!!

Jeff Cavaliere’s birthday is June 28th. It’s well known that on this particular day, the king of youtube fitness enjoys his once a year carrot cake. That is, until Jesse decided that this year was the one to skip it. Why? He feels as if Jeff is up a percent or two in body fat and he had to get things under control.

See what happens next.

By the way, if you are the type that reads the descriptions of these videos – first of all thank you. We put great effort into putting elaborate descriptions that allow the person who may not be able to watch the video with the audio on to be able to learn what is taught in the video. Secondly, here’s your chance to shine. In addition to the normal video giveaway, we are going to award three lucky commenters with our Old School Iron program for leaving a comment answering the following:

“What would you give Jeff Cavaliere for his birthday and why?”

Good luck!

Let’s make your birthday come early.

Thanks ahead of time for the well wishes. It truly is an honor and a pleasure to be able to bring my best to you in each and every video I make. I take great pride in the quality of the content provided here and my commitment, with each passing year, is to not only continue to put out the most helpful material but to get even better!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loyal viewership!

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Elliptical Exercise Equipment For A Smooth Workout

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New Year’s Resolution – Getting in Shape at Home

Sometimes going to the gym takes way too much time. Having a home fitness center can be the perfect solution to that trouble.

Is A Manual Treadmill Right For Home Fitness Equipment?

Hands-on treadmills are more affordable choice to work out at the comfort of your very own house without investing a great deal of cash. Manual treadmills give an excellent opportunity for those that intend to stay in form, loose weight or obtain in shape, all at their convenience of their hope.

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Of all the fitness gizmos in the health and fitness health clubs as well as residence exercise devices available on the market today, the treadmill can be thought about as a jogger’s buddy. As a matter of fact, treadmills have become the hottest house exercise device since they provide more attributes to fulfill your training demands. The treadmill can supply you whether you intend to run, walk, do both at intervals, or choose cross country runs.

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All people have attempted weight-loss diets and also workout programs in their lives– in one method or an additional. One of the most typical issue when it comes to accomplishing weight loss is absence of time (yet hey, they’ve obtained plenty to save before Television Set!) and also money. Another feasible issue might be doubting whether a certain regimen or item of exercise devices would confirm most reliable.

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When it concerns the sweetest of life’s benefits, certain – you can get on your own a warm bathtub, you can acquire on your own a swimming pool, however the sweetest of rewards is most likely to be a financial investment in your wellness, and also perhaps the absolute best healthy financial investment is a financial investment in a home health club and also residence gym tools – a financial investment that’s simply plain helpful for you. “A residence gym?” you claim, “But I can obtain fit at my local wellness club!

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