My Best Morning Stretch

Here’s a simple morning stretching that should take you around 10 minutes a day. Loosen up your whole body with these 14 stretches. stretching routine for beginners, 10 minute stretching workout, stretching exercises for beginners at home, stretching exercises for beginners over 50, stretching exercises for beginners male, 10-minute stretching exercises for beginners, flexibility stretches, men’s full body stretching routine, 5 stretches to do every morning, morning stretches for beginners, stretching in the morning benefits, morning stretches for men, should i stretch in the morning or night, morning stretch routine for seniors, morning stretches in bed, stretching after waking up is called.

0:00 Lying side twist
0:46 Cross Stretch
1:31 Adductor stretch
2:17 Hip Adduction Stretch
3:02 Superman
3:47 Bird-Dog pose
4:38 Arm Crossover
5:23 Half Chest Fly
6:09 Arms forward stretching
6:54 Bent Over Reverse Flys
7:40 Elbow Clap
8:25 Military Press
9:11 Prayer Chest Squeeze
9:56 Scapula Wall Slides

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