My 6am Morning Exercise

This simple, 10 minute morning workout for women and men. 15 Morning Exercises for All Day Energy. morning workout benefits, morning workout routine at home, morning workout for men, morning workout routine weight loss, morning workout routine to build muscle, 10 minute morning workout, morning workout routine for beginners, best morning workout routine for weight loss.

0:00 Abdominal vacuum
0:41 Elbows Back Stretch
1:22 Wrist Circles
2:02 Side Bend
2:43 Reverse flys
3:24 Hip Swirls
4:04 Side Bend (bent arm)
4:44 Sumo Squat Calf Raise
5:25 Windmill
6:07 Side Leg Raise
6:46 Side Step
7:28 Standing Twist
8:08 Dynamic Back Stretch
8:48 Front Toe Touching
9:28 Calf Raises

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