Muscle Building SHOULDER/ TRAP/ ARMS Workout

Muscle Building SHOULDER TRAP ARMS Workout.
0:00 Muscle Worked
0:12 Cable Rope Pulls
0:49 Dumbbell Shoulder Press
1:17 DB Lat Raises
1:55 Cable Upright Row
2:34 Overhead Press Machine
3:03 Db overhead ext.
3:30 Smith Machine Press
4:06 EZ Barbell Curl
4:43 Incline Bench Supported Dumbbell Row
5:07 Single Arm Side Cable Lat Pulldown
5:35 Standing Cable Stiff Arm Pulldown
6:07 DB Shrugs
6:45 Landmine Shoulder Press
7:00 Seated Reverse Fly Machine
7:25 Lateral Pulldown
7:56 Seated Cable Low Row
8:16 Hammer Curl
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