Morning Stretching Routine for Men & Women

If you’d like to improve your whole body flexibility in a quick and effective way, in this video I’ll share with you the only 10 stretches you need! faster flexibility, improve flexibility, stretching techniques, stretching exercises, mobility exercise, mobility, stretching routine, stretches for flexibility, how to get flexible, how to stretch, stretch routine, flexibility stretches, everyday stretches, daily stretch routine

0:00 Sitting Back Stretch
0:45 Seated Calf Stretch
1:29 Feet & Ankles Stretch
2:14 Feet & Ankles Rotation
3:00 Boat Stretch
3:46 leg stretch
4:30 Above Head Stretching
5:16 Dynamic Chest Stretch
6:02 Torso Twist
6:48 Elbows Back Stretch

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