Morning Stretches For Runners

Stretching is beneficial for runners as it aids recovery and stimulates blood flow throughout the body. Stretching also helps to improve your mobility and flexibility as a runner which is a win-win to reduce the stiffness and soreness after a run. stretching routine for runners, stretching for runners youtube, best stretches for runners, pre and post running stretches, dynamic stretches for runners, morning stretches for runners, runners stretch yoga, nightly stretching routine for runners.

0:00 Feet Rotation
0:46 Calf Stretch
1:27 Sitting Ankle Stretch
2:07 Quadriceps Stretch
3:24 Stretching on all fours
4:39 Knee Raise Stretching
5:20 Runners Stretch
6:00 Standing Lateral Stretch
6:40 Middle Back Stretch
7:21 Plyo Side Lunge
8:02 Rear Lunge Front Raise
8:42 Turn Side Step Corner Touches

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