Morning Mobility Program (EVERYDAY)

In this video, best morning stretch which can be done when you wake up or later on. Start your day with this energizing, 11 Minutes Morning Stretch Routine! Increase mobility, reduce low back pain, decrease muscle soreness.

00:00 Elevanted Knee Tuck V-Tuck
00:43 Heel Glute Bridge
1:23 Lying Butterfly
2:04 Lying Leg Raise (Modified)
2:44 Lying Side Twist
3:24 Lying Floor Fly Chest
4:05 Inner Thigh Pulses
4:45 Open book stretch
5:26 Lying Abdominal Stretch
6:06 Lying pelvic tilts
6:47 Bridge Hip Abduction
7:26 Happy Baby Pose
8:07 Rocking Frog Stretch
8:47 Puppy Pose
9:29 Armless Prayer Stretch
10:09 Seated Alternate Wide Side Adduction
10:50 Namaskarasana

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Track: Daniel Levi – Clown Around [NCS Release]
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