METALLICA RELOADED! 20 Minute Home Bodyweight Workout (Easy & Hard Variations)

We’re back with another Metallica Home Bodyweight Workout! Featuring easy and hard exercises, we designed this so people of all experience levels can give it a go!

Our first Metallica Workout video:

20 Minutes Total. 4 Sets Each Exercises. 20 Second Each Set with a 10 Second Rest in between.


Kneeling Scapula Push
Kneeling Push-Ups
Leg Raises
Romanian Deadlifts
Push-Up Planks
Bi-Lateral T-Curl
Side Planks
Calf Raises


Twisting Lunges
Scapula Push
Push-Up Claps
Leg Raise with Body Extension
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts
Push Back Push-Ups
Praying Mantis Push-Ups
Unilateral T-Curl
Twisting Planks
Single-Leg Calf Raises

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