Lose Weight Fast with These Exercises

Some of the best exercises for weight loss are full body compound movements cycled with cardio sessions. Today’s home workout can help you lose weight and get fit in a very simple and practical way, as it contains a straightforward series.

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0:00 March
0:36 Step Back with Corner touch
1:11 Knee Taps
1:45 Swipe Kickback
2:21 Diagonal Punches
2:56 Swing and Forward Step
3:31 Arm Raise Step in Place
4:08 Knee Raise Side Jab
4:41 Cross Standing Crunch
5:17 Knee Drives
5:51 Switching Downward Punch
6:26 Cross Body Punch
7:01 Quick Feet
7:36 Jumping Jack
8:11 Body Weight Front Slam
8:46 High Knee Skips
9:21 High Knee Squat

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