Lose Fat in 10 days (belly waist abs)

This workout will help to burn belly fat while burning calories, making your muscles more strong and flexible. All routines in this video are abs-driven which means that you’ll effectively be burning body fat and losing weight by doing this on a daily basis! And if you want to continue seeing results, just keep doing it until you reach your target! how to lose body fat, lose fat, weight loss, losing weight, weight loss tips, best way to lose weight, secret tips to lose weight, weight loss tips that work, how to lose fat for good

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0:00 Janda Sit-up
0:39 Sit-up
1:18 Crunch
2:28 Flutter Kicks
3:04 Russian Twist
3:42 Seated Wipers
4:52 Floor V Crunch
5:30 Reverse Crunch
6:09 Knee Drive
7:18 High Knee Squat
7:57 Standing Side Crunch
8:35 Knee Leg Lifts

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