Lean Arms Upper Body At Home Biceps and Back Workout Plus Abs Workout | STF – Day 22

Welcome to the best back and biceps workout with the most spicy ab burnout! It’s time for your lean and sculpted arms and abs to work it out today! Don’t forget to grab your June program calendar here! https://shop.royalchange.fit/products/summertime-fine-tier-2-june-2024-workout-stretch-calendar

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Are you ready to crush this workout together? Today we are utilizing the training variables around endurance and stabilization to push your body to build muscles and boost your metabolism to start losing body fat. Make sure you give the video a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe to the channel!

We will work for 3 rounds of 45 seconds of work for every exercise and the workout will be an upper body workout focused on our PULL muscles (back and biceps) and we will absolutely hit the best ab exercises to finish! The training variables we will implement in our workout today will be focusing on the selection of weight and the tempo of your reps. You will use weights that are 75-85% of your max weight for each exercise to be able to perform more reps powerfully and you will move your body for 2 seconds to lengthen the muscle we are working and take 2 seconds to complete the contraction. Think of sitting into a squat for two seconds and pushing back up for 2 seconds without a pause at the bottom. You will aim for 6-12 reps for each work period and aim for muscle failure at the end of each exercise!

Left Arm Rows 
Right Arm Rows 
Back Flye
Hammer Curls 
Supinated Curls 
Preacher Curls Left 
Preacher Curls Right
DB Sit Up 
DB Jackknives
DB Toe Touches

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