Kabuki Strength Trap Bar Review: Best Trap Bar Of 2019?

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Chris Duffin, the creator of the Duffalo Bar and New Gen Power Bar has been on an absolute tear lately. The Trap Bar from his company Kabuki Strength is their latest release, and quite possibly the best yet. The number of useful features that are packed into this bar make you question why it hadn’t been thought of sooner.

Combining the open-end design that is by far the best way to make a trap bar along with interchangeable handles that feature the same knurling as their top-of-the-line power bar, this is the last trap bar you’d ever have to buy. The question isn’t whether it’s a good trap bar or not, the question is, are you willing to spend the money for the versatility?

In short: the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar is likely the best trap bar on the market. First, it features a somewhat revolutionary design, although there’s soon to be many other competitors and there is already one doing it at a high-level. The open-end design is the future of trap bars and will likely be found somewhere in just about every equipment manufacturers line-up that is currently making and selling barbells.

An open-end design simply makes more sense than one that’s closed. Although the majority of users, especially garage gym owners, could get by just fine for their entire lives with a more traditional, closed-end hex bar. In my opinion, if you’re going to buy a new one and want the best, there’s little reason to shy away from an open-end design. After using multiple open-end trap bars through various movements, including the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar, I see few compromises, but many benefits.


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