JuggernautAI Spotlight #13

Huge lifts and great progress from the JuggernautAI squad.

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@captncaveman005 pulling 320kg/705# x6 for a PR. Marcus is one of the biggest deadlifters on JuggernautAI, having pulled a massive 382.5kg/843# at his last meet.

@petewink with a day full of PRs. 230kg/507# Squat, 175kg/385# Bench and 262.5kg/579# Deadlift on a 7/9 day and PRs across the board.

Two athletes from @cemetarybarbellclub making Squat PRs. @buschlite_and_barbells aka Cole Hale with a big 505# x8 and @will_conway3 with 415# x3. The whole gang up there in Leemore, CA are using the JuggernautAI App, all getting programming that is adapted for their own individual needs and all making great progress.

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