JuggernautAI Community Spotlight #2

More members of our JuggernautAI Community who are working hard and crushing PRs

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@baruthur198 benching 440# x3. Huge lift for Brandon who competes in the 198# class. He has been using the app since April 2021.

@powerlifting_grammy Donna is closegrip benching 130 for sets of 3, she was previously struggling with 100# in this exercise. Donna’s 6 grandkids will be very proud!

@txgaragegym pulling 495# x5 for a PR. Ian has been using JuggernautAI since the spreadsheet days, starting in August 2020, when his best Deadlift was 475# x2

@hairy_squatter Mark Parker squatting 222.5kg/491# for a 73# Squat PR, as part of his 7/9 day and 60kg/132# Total PR. Mark started using the JuggernautAI App in May 2021, HUGE Progress!

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