JuggernautAI Community Spotlight #10

More great progress by the JuggernautAI App community.

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@pitbulltorres pulling 705# for a PR to finish off his mock meet

@ifbbschmo with Squat (235kg/517#) and Bench (165kg/363#) PRs as part of a 30kg/66# Total PR.

@cicicole_ squatting 315# x3. This was a new 1rm, 2rm and 3rm PR for her! She also smashed this 155kg/341# x5 Deadlift for another PR.

@martin_wilson_89 pulling 240kg/529# x2, turning his 1rm into his 2rm. He kept the trend going by turning his Bench 1rm into his 3rm with this 110kg/242# x3 effort.

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