JuggernautAI Community Spotlight #1

We want to celebrate the awesome members of our JuggernautAI Community who are working hard and crushing PRs

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@theironmoose_92 aka Patrick McKiven pulling 710# x3 for a PR. His best was 655# x2 when he began using JuggernautAI in May 2021.

@nursejess111 pulling 170kg/374# x2 for a PR. Jessica Budd is a Masters 1 lifter out of Ohio in the 69kg class. She has been using the JuggernautAI App since early August and it has her on Alternating Periodization for the Strength Block of her Deadlift.

@billwyatt66 Bill Wyatt is a 54 year old lifter in the 110kg/242# class. Here he is squatting 235kg/518# PR and pulling 286kg/630# for a PR. Bill has been doing our Guided AI with Marisa Inda, a combination of AI programming with 1 on 1 coaching for technique coaching, questions etc

@codyshreve17 Cody Shreve squatting 505# x4 at 190# bodyweight for a 25# PR. He’s been using JuggernautAI since March 2020

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