Jeff Cavaliere Reacts to Chris Bumstead’s ONLY 10 Exercises Men Need!

If you ever wondered how physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere would react to Chris Bumstead’s list of the only 10 exercises that men need to build muscle, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I am giving my reaction to a list of exercises that 4x Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead came up with featuring the only 10 exercises he feels that men need to build muscle. I will show where I agree and disagree with his selections and exactly why I feel the way that I do about each one, especially when it comes to building muscle myself. You might be surprised to hear what I have to say.

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The first exercise on Chris Bumstead’s list is the barbell back squat. He opts for the smith machine variation due to it feeling more bearable on his knees. I agree that squat is one of the best for overall leg development, but the smith machine is where I disagree. For my bad knees, I would go with bulgarian split squats or a barbell reverse lunge since I can load some decent weight on the bar.

Next up is the deadlift, Jesse’s favorite exercise. I agree with Chris here because it is one of the best exercises for hamstring, glute, and back development all in one shot. I tend to use a stiff leg deadlift in my training, which does a great job of targeting the posterior chain – again, building muscle in the hamstrings, glutes, and low back.

The third exercise that Chris Bumstead mentions is the pull-up, however, he prefers a neutral grip as opposed to underhand or overhand. He mentions the grip allows for use of the biceps along with the lats at the same time. I love pull-ups, having recently talked about how to increase the number that you do with a few simple tips. But if you are looking to build your lats with a bodyweight exercise, I think the pullup is one of the best options out there.

Next we have the incline dumbbell bench press. I love this exercise and think it should definitely be included in chest training. I agree with his comment how the dumbbells are easier to use when you have shoulder problems, just like I have, instead of using a barbell – a variation that many find to be uncomfortable on their shoulders.

Chris mentions that he like the seated dumbbell shoulder press. I agree and disagree at the same time; the dumbbell shoulder press is an awesome shoulder exercise to build muscle in the delts. Where I disagree is the seated aspect of the lift. I prefer you stand on your feet because it is more athletic and you won’t have to worry about the bench impeding the natural scapular rhythm when pressing.

Number six on this list is the close grip flat bench press. This isn’t my favorite option for the triceps as the long head is usually what lacks development and I think there is a better option out there to target this specific area. The lying triceps extension allows you to get that long head on stretch by being over your head, instead of pressing out in front of yourself like so many other triceps exercises.

If you are wondering how to build muscle, especially on your biceps, Chris gives an excellent option with the standing supinated dumbbell curl. I love the alternating version because there is less core demand when trying to curl the dumbbell up. This is also just a fun muscle building exercise and I think it should definitely be included in anyone’s workout routine.

The eighth entry on Chris Bumstead’s list is the bent-over row. This is an excellent option to build your back because you preferentially target the mid/upper back or the lats, depending on your elbow positioning. A wider elbow position will target the muscle of the upper and mid back more, while keeping your elbows tight to your side will target your lats preferentially.

When it comes to abs, one of my absolute favorite exercises is the hanging leg raise and I am glad that Chris included it in his list. Not only is a great lower ab developer because of the weight of the legs acting as overload, but it is also scalable. If you are more of a beginner, you can opt for the hanging knee raise.

Finally, there is the lateral raise. While I love this exercise to build bigger shoulders, especially done in strict fashion – I will say that I prefer the cheat lateral raise more. I like to use a little bit heavier weight on this exercise and really focus on the eccentric lowering of the dumbbell. You can also target the traps by shrugging when you bring the weight up as well.

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