Incline Bench-How, Why & When?

There are tons of different exercise variations out there being touted as a fix to this weak point or the best exercise to improve such and such. Here is a simple guide to help you understand how to do some of these more important variations, why you would perform them and when they’re best to include in your training.

Incline Bench

Technique Points
-Focus on maintaining bar over wrist/wrist over elbow stacked position
-Touch point will be higher on your chest than a flat bench

Why To Do It
-To build up shoulder strength to overcome midrange weak point
-To avoid adaptive resistance from training too long at the same exercises/planes of movement

When To Do It
-Hypertrophy. This is the ideal time to build up shoulder strength and use an exercise with slightly lower specificity
-Strength. If you are really struggling with a midrange weak point you can continue Incline Bench during strength but we typically prefer Spoto Press for this issue

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Heart rate displays are made use of a whole lot when training today. The concern is only, are they really assisting or are we rather concentrating on something that is irrelevant for us when using them? Why are we really making use of HRMs?

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